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DVD: Intangible Asset Number 82

DVD: Intangible Asset Number 82


Emma Franz’s award-winning feature-length music film, Intangible Asset Number 82, explores through an archetypal but non-fiction tale questions of why music matters through the journey of real life musicians as they are inspired and transformed by each other.

Intangible Asset #82 is one of the best music documentaries I’ve seen: Beautifully shot and recorded, but more importantly, a compelling and insightful narrative that explores music-making across cultures that captures the warmth of a buddy/road film which builds to an emotionally affecting climax.” – Bill Bragin  (Programmer, Lincoln Center, NYC)

 “Absolutely profound, visually, musically and otherwise…everything about this story and the way in which it was told and presented was truly miraculous. Absorbing and inspiring!- Laurence Donohue-Greene (Editor of The New York City Jazz Record)

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